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A Comprehensive Housing Study and Strategy

House Frames

Housing Opportunity Sites Nomination

The North Country Regional Housing Strategy and Plan for Essex, Hamilton, Clinton, and Franklin counties will assess the current and future housing needs of each community and identify actionable strategies to create housing that takes into consideration the unique context of the Adirondack Park and meets the needs of the broader North Country region.


This study will include an inventory of housing opportunity sites with high potential for meeting local and regional housing needs. All appropriate sites will be included in this inventory. The project team will then create housing opportunity project profiles for eight of the sites. The purpose of the project profiles is to create an array of model projects and development approaches (e.g, a “playbook”) that can be replicated for additional projects throughout the region.


Project profiles will include:


  • An overview of the site

  • Housing development (or redevelopment) potential

  • Development/redevelopment vision to meet housing needs within context of the site and community

  • A conceptual site plan (if appropriate)

  • Development strategy of how to implement the project vision

The housing opportunity projects will be selected based on the following criteria:


  • Geographically representative of the region

  •  Illustrative of a variety of site and project types

  •  Are publicly owned or have willing and interested owners

  •  Other criteria the project team may establish to ensure projects are appropriate for housing development

Nominate a Housing Opportunity Site for Consideration


You will need to provide the following information about the site(s) you are submitting:

  • location

  • current ownership

  • size

  • description

  • why you think it should be considered

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