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A Comprehensive Housing Study and Strategy


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is involved in this process?

This comprehensive housing study and strategy will collect quantitative and qualitative data from numerous sources. We will use one-on-one interviews with stakeholders, focus groups, and community workshops, and will leverage the knowledge of regional leaders.


A steering committee that represents housing interests across the region will also be closely involved in the development of the strategy.  

What are the anticipated outcomes of this process?

LCLGRPB is interested in a process that specifically examines the market and development context in the region to help generate new investment in housing development.


At the end of the planning process, Camoin Associates will develop strategies that outline how and where LCLGRPB and their partners can implement changes to advance the region's housing goals.


While the four counties involved in the plan certainly have some similarities, we also recognize that there are unique factors that must also be considered within each county, and even among hamlets, towns and cities. Therefore, the strategies will reflect each of these distinct layers of government and their ability to make changes to policies.


The strategy will also identify sites that are primed for housing development and establish next steps for advancing plans. 

Who are the consultants working on this project?

Camoin Associates, based in Saratoga Springs, are the consultants leading this effort with LCLGRPB.


Camoin Associates has extensive experience in developing housing market analyses and strategies that have had meaningful impacts on communities’ ability to implement policy to help with housing production.   

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LCLGRPB is one of nine federally designated regional planning and development organizations in New York State with a mission to promote sustainable economic development that strengthens our communities, provides quality jobs, and preserves the unique natural, historical and cultural characteristics of the region.


The organization is focused on supporting regional economic and community development projects and connecting communities and organizations with state and federal funding dollars.

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